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Stop Wishing: How To Make Your Penis Bigger

Many men have dreamed of having a larger penis. Perhaps you’re embarrassed in the locker room at the gym or when urinating in public. Maybe you feel there’s a lacking in the bedroom that could be solved by having a larger penis. Whatever the reason, chances are that at some point you’ve wondered how to make your penis bigger. And you’ve probably figured out by now that staring at it really hard and hoping doesn’t quite do the job.

The History of Penis Enlargement

Men have been trying for centuries to figure out new and improved ways to increase the size of their penis. From pumps to surgery there are a myriad of different ways out there that promise to safely and effectively enhance the size of your penis. In the early days methods such as hanging weights from the penis or consuming the severed penises of slaves were used (“Penis Enlargement Methods”). Naturally, these proved ineffective. Today men try methods like Phalloplasty, or penis enlargement surgery, but the result is only about an inch and a half of growth and can be quite painful and expensive, not to mention the after effects can be horrendous. There are even devices on the market that are designed to be worn on the penis for hours at a time to stimulate growth. But if you’re embarrassed about pulling out what you’ve got in there now in the restroom, imagine pulling it out with a device attached, or how uncomfortable it must be to get through the day with something on your penis.

A Surgery free, Device Free Alternative

Before you go prepping for surgery or attaching some device to your genitalia, stop to consider a safe and device-free method to get a bigger penis. Natural male enhancement uses naturally occurring herbs to stimulate blood flow to the penis causing enlargement, greater stamina, and higher sex drive. It’s a win-win situation. Not only can you finally answer the question of how to make your penis bigger, you can also increase your libido and longevity.

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